How to Maintain Lean Muscles After Cutting Cycle

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How to Maintain Lean Muscles After Cutting Cycle

These days, having a lean physique is everybody’s dream, whether it is bodybuilders, professional athletes, or just regular gym goers. To get a ripped body, many people undergo what is called a ‘cutting cycle’, which is a process that prioritizes burning off of fat over that of muscles. However, most of them fail to get their desired results, due to inappropriate techniques used, resulting in loss of confidence in the whole practice.

This is where we come in and show you how to prevent losing lean muscles after your cutting cycles. Read on and find out what steps to take in order to get your dream body!

Diet and Nutrition – All About Proteins and Carbs

Best Protein Foods

If you want to get the highly-desired shredded look, you will need to make some changes in your dietary schedule as well as the nutrients you take. In order to cut down your weight, losing the carbs is a good idea – drop it like it’s hot, as they say.

Minimize their intake by avoiding sugar-containing foods, limiting them to only pre-workout meals. This ensures that the calorie intake goes down, creating an energy insufficiency that leads you to lose weight. Switch to foods like oatmeal, beans, yams, and rice instead.

On the other hand, you need to incorporate increased amounts of proteins into your diet. The presence of amino acids in your bloodstream at all times guarantees that your muscles will not be broken down; on the contrary, proteins build up your lean muscles.

Make sure to add essential fatty acids to your dietary regime. Eating foods like peanuts, almonds, cashews, and fish, to name a few, is going to make certain that you get your required daily amount. Vegetables and a small amount of fruit per day also should be a part of your everyday consumption.

Now that you know which foods to eat and which ones to avoid, the second most important thing is the timing. Work out a schedule which includes small meals throughout the day, the main ones being the pre- and post-workout meals, and breakfast. Eat at the same times every day and you will see the effects in no time.

Safe to Use Steroids

Many steroids are being marketed these days, targeted towards the bodybuilders who are undergoing the cutting cycle. Certain anti-estrogens are legal and can be used safely as they do not have undesirable side effects. They can speed up the process of losing fat while leading to the growth of lean muscles, and to see such prompt results boosts up the confidence levels, leading to greater compliance.

Exercise Is Your FriendBodybuilding on Steroids

The two main exercises that you definitely need to make a part of your daily routine are weight lifting and cardio training.

  • Weight Lifting

Normally for people who are not cutting, weightlifting leads to a phenomenon called hypertrophy of the muscles, that is increased muscle mass. However, when you are in the calorie-deficit state induced by the cutting cycle, lifting sends signals to your brain indicating that these muscles are important and should not be broken down.

If you are taking your diet regime seriously, you may even be able to gain some muscle mass, leading to the ripped look that you have always wanted.

  • Cardio

Cardio is a great way of creating an energy-deficit state in the body without having to resort to reducing the intake of calories. Therefore, you can treat yourself to some additional calories to satisfy some food cravings you might get once in a while, and burn them off by cardio training.

Walk and run on the treadmill alternately with a 1-2 minutes interval in between. These sessions should be done on the days you are not lifting, or right before lifting, and on an empty stomach.

Dietary Supplements – A Must Have

Vitamin Supplements

When you reduce your carbohydrate ingestion to a bare minimum, you are also reducing the intake of many vital minerals and vitamins. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to take some dietary supplements like multivitamins and mineral-containing drinks on a daily basis. This will make sure that your muscles are spared as your body hunts for a source of these essential elements.


The key to getting a lean physique is to integrate the above-mentioned factors into your daily life and stick to it. Preserving muscles while losing fat is not just wishful thinking anymore – now, you can get the toned and shredded body that you have always wanted!

With proper diet, a little help from certain steroids, and exercise, you have access to the formula for losing weight while keeping your muscles from breaking down. We wish you all the best on your journey to getting the best looking body in town!

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