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Steroids UK FAQ

What are Legal Steroids?

Steroids have been in used commonly across several European countries including the UK for building muscle mass, the consumers ranging from athletes, bodybuilders to young adolescent boys in order to either improve their sports performance or to improve their body image.

However, steroids had a bad reputation for their indiscriminate abuse & subsequent health hazards in the recent past, hence several of these steroids were banned for use by sports organizations. In recent times, laws have been made regarding the use of specific steroids which are deemed to be safe.

Legal steroids, hence, are safe, ergogenic aids which are used as a supplement to achieve an edge in the performance, endurance & muscle mass during the training period.

How safe are the ingredients used in legal steroids?

Most of the components utilized in manufacturing legal steroids are ideally approved by FDA.  FDA gives approval to those manufacturing companies which makes use of mainly natural ingredients as well as other substances which have minimum detrimental effects on the long term health of the consumers. Also, you can be sure that using legal steroids shields you from getting into legal implications in any of the countries worldwide.

Which are the portals where legal steroids can be purchased?

Legal steroids are not easily available in pharmacies or nutrition centres supplying supplements. They can be bought online through few official websites of the manufacturing companies such as Crazy Bulk.

How would I know which legal steroids are best for me?

This is the main doubt which makes several consumers quite apprehensive about going for any of these products. Yes, it is difficult to know which legal steroids are best suited to fulfil our purpose, but with proper discretion, good amount of research & patience shall help us find the appropriate one for us.

It is extremely essential to get to know about the ingredients in great detail through their respective websites before we finally make the purchase. Also, it may also be necessary to get in touch with several fellow people who have used the product and who also share the same purpose as you do. Taking their suggestions or review bout the products can be of great value. You can also check out the general reviews of the product over the net, if required.

How safe are these steroids for women?

Since steroids are popular for helping male athletes gain muscle mass, they facilitate the development of masculine features even among female athletes to a large extent. Crazy Bulk, a manufacturing company for bodybuilding supplements, has come up with legally safe steroid supplements for women.

Female athletes can make use of these legally safe steroid which prevents them from adversely developing any masculine features. Supplements such as dianabol, clenbutrol, anvarol and winsol have been produced alternatives by Crazy Bulk are safe for use by women.

Do I need a medical prescription for these steroids?

No, none of these steroids requires a medical prescription for use.

Can I take these steroids despite the presence of any other medical ailments?

It’s always safe to take your clinician’s advice & suggestion if you suffer from any associated chronic diseases, and if you intend to use any of the legal steroids available online.

What is the duration by when I can expect to see results after taking these steroids?

Crazy Bulk claims its products can show good perceptible results after using them for a period of around 4 weeks, coupled with regular good nutrition & exercise regime.

Can I develop good muscle mass solely depending on these steroids?

No commendable results or body building goals can be accomplished solely by depending on intake of any of the legal steroids available. A successful fitness or body building regime will always include good amount of nutrition & exercise schedule to be followed in conjunction with taking these supplements to achieve best results.

Remember, legal steroids are just supplements, they are not meant to substitute the nutrition & exercise aspects of fitness.

How different are legal steroids from anabolic steroids?

Use of several anabolic steroids are considered illegal in many countries around the world including the UK. Use of these steroids requires medical prescription & may attract legal action based on the degree of offence.

On the other hand, legal steroids are developed under regulated laboratory conditions after carrying out several clinical trials on animals to ensure their safety for human use. They don’t require medical prescription for use.

Are there any adverse or dangerous health impacts on taking these steroids, as is seen with anabolic steroids?

On a practical note, several illegal anabolic steroids give much better positive & long lasting results during performance, which is the reason why many athletes are tempted to go for them despite the legal implications.

However, they can have severe, and sometimes, fatal effects on their prolonged use. They can leave withdrawal symptoms in individuals on prolonged use, similar to that observed in drug addicts or substance abuse individuals. Studies have reported liver & renal toxicity on chronic use.

Shall the results obtained through taking these steroids be lost once I discontinue taking these steroids?

The results obtained can be sustained through a proper complementary nutrition as well as exercise support through a well trained sports professional.

Are refunds applicable on purchase of these steroids?

Crazy Bulk offers refunds for their products on grounds if they are returned within 7 days of receiving them, with the original packaging intact & in unused form.

How long does it take for the products to get delivered after the order has been placed?

Crazy Bulk accepts orders for their products from all over the world. Products are dispatched within 24-48 hours of placing the order. For the US and UK, they are delivered between 3-7 working days, for European countries 3-10 working days, and for other countries by 5- 15 working days.

No shipping charges are implied on purchase of any of the products.